Galleries Almost Complete

After much cropping, resizing, editing, etc., the galleries of our work are (momentarily) done. If you have stopped by and can not find your project, there are two main reasons it may not be in our galleries: 1) we just don't have any photos of it and 2) we may have photos but they may predate our digital camera. In the case of reason 1), we haven't always been so diligent about taking photos of our work. If you have some photos of work we have done and want to see them on our site, please email them to us and we'll get them up right away. If you don't have photos but would still like to see your project in our galleries, just contact us and we will be glad to stop by and take some photos and add them to our site. As far as reason 2) is concerned, I'll be digging out the old photos and scanning them in as the weeks and months go on. We have done a lot of great work for a lot of great customers over the years and it is great to have an easily accessible place to showcase the end results.

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