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Microvellum Toolbox 7 is the design software that we use for the creation of many of our custom cabinetry and architectural millwork products. The posts in this category will be geared, primarily, to other users of the software and will, hopefully, offer some help and guidance with common issues. I plan to do that by posting various tips and tricks that have helped me or others, perhaps with accompanying videos from time to time. I also would like to post some of my work. Of course, if you are a Toolbox user, make sure you have an account set up on Microvellum’s User Forum to access all the great information there.

First, a little about my experience with Microvellum. I started using MIcrovellum’s Toolbox about two years ago, starting with version 7. I have been using it for over two years for designing, providing drawings (both line and rendered) to my customers, creating cut lists, and estimating (by transferring quantities into my Quickbooks software). I don’t have a CNC machine so I am not outputting my cutlists to a machine. I do, however, use the Sawing Optimization as my guide for cutting the panels. I would not consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I use the software, on average, one or two days a week for actual design work although I use it much more often to review a current project. As a small two person shop, I tend to spend a day designing, customizing, and tweaking a project and then the next several days building it.