Fixing Modified Subassemblies or Products

So, why would someone be fixing modified subassemblies or products? Well, every now and then, you may inadvertently save a subassembly or product back to the library rather than only in the row, product, or project. When you do this, the original subassembly or product is gone. Hey, we've all been there and it's not the end of the world. First, you need to get your hands on an original copy of the .CUTX file. One way is to pull it out of your backup copy of the factory database file. You have a backup, right? Another way to do this is to ask someone for a copy of the .CUTX file you need. Once you have the .CUTX file, the video below shows the basic steps you need to do to put it in the database. By the way, this video assumes that you know to click Setup > Options, select the Data Access tab, and then click the Database Utilities button to open Database Explorer. One final, important, note, if, after you do the following operation, you find that your subassembly or product is still using the modified subassembly or product, you will need to redraw the product from the library. You can do this from Overdrive Pro. You can also use Part Properties to revert a subassembly from the unique (modified) version back to the library (original) version. Now you will be fixing modified subassemblies with ease.

My apologies for the production quality but, hey, it is my first video, after all.

Place New Subassembly in Database

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