Walnut Aquarium Stand

At first glance, this walnut aquarium stand looks like a simple two door cabinet. How does it support over 700 pounds of water? It is actually a very sturdy table to which a rather nice set of doors was added. Each leg of this stand is made of two pieces of 1-3/4" thick by about 5" wide solid walnut that were mitered together at the corner of the leg. These four stout legs are then connected with aprons and stretchers (also 1-3/4" thick) that join the legs with mortise and tenon or half-lap joints. In addition, the 1" thick top is a another piece of solid walnut made by gluing together several boards. Finally, to dress it up and to cover the mechanicals that are stored on a shelf in the walnut aquarium stand, we added two doors. The door panels are tiger maple veneer over plywood - as are the two end panels of the stand.

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