Strathmere, NJ Kitchen

Strathmere Kitchen 3 300x228 Strathmere, NJ Kitchen

This is a photo of the island cabinetry in a kitchen we built for a home just off the beach in Strathmere, NJ. We built the island by incorporating painted cabinets, white laminated glass, and stainless steel columns. The kitchen was designed by Connie LePre of CVL Designs in collaboration with Stephen Alessi.

The cabinets are made of paint grade materials on all exposed surfaces which are finished with a pigmented conversion varnish. The cabinet boxes are made of prefinished birch plywood. In addition to the stainless steel columns on the island, the upper cabinet doors and floating shelves are also made of stainless steel. The floating shelves are supported by metal angle iron brackets that are built into the wall. All of the drawers in this kitchen are Tandembox by Blum Hardware in their INOX finish.

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The following images provide a broader view of the Strathmere, NJ kitchen from two different angles.

Strathmere Kitchen 2 300x228 Strathmere, NJ Kitchen

Strathmere Kitchen 300x228 Strathmere, NJ Kitchen

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